How to create your own A-Z Thread.


Sep 5, 2019
What are A-Z Model Threads?

Our A-Z Model Threads should help to find all relevant content for a certain pornographic actress such as a teen model, popular celebrity or famous pornstar.

How do i create a A-Z Thread?

You can create your own A-Z Thread only in the following sections

- Teen Models A-Z
- Popular Celebrities A-Z
- Popular Pornstars A-Z

You are allowed and highly welcomed to create your own A-Z Thread in one of the above sections. However we recommend to follow some basic rules here to keep these forums and containing threads clean and easy to follow up with for all our members and visitors.

1. Look out for an existing thread for the model / celebrity / pornstar you want to add. If there is already some existing thread for it kindly ask the original thread author for permissions to make replies to his/her thread.

2. Create your Thread by filling out all necessary required fields where (1) and (2) is required. (3) is optional.

Example Thread Create (click the image to enlarge)


Example Thread Result (click the image to enlarge)


3. Click on create new thread.

4. All further replies to your A-Z Thread should look the same.

Example Reply Create

Rich (BB code):
{#fileName#} {#cover#} --- Video File Informations {#preview#} File Informations Size: {#fileSize#} | Resolution: {#videoWidth#}x{#videoHeight#} | Runtime: {#videoDuration#} | Video Format: {#fileExtension#} {#links#}​
4.1. Every new reply should only include 1 video of a Model, Celebrity, Pornstar that hasn't been posted already.
4.2. Every new reply should only consist of the following criteria like the example reply post template shows.

- Name
- Cover Image
- Video File Informations
- Download Link/s

4.3. Every new reply should look the same like your first reply.

5. You can lock the topic from further replies if you want.
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